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GB International is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of transformers, inductors, coils, alternative bobbins and ferrite, based in Endicott, NY, USA, with additional manufacturing facilities in China.

We design and manufacture both standard and custom magnetic components, and our capabilities include through hole, surface mount, and planar magnetics with applications over a wide power range. With our AEC and IATF approval, we supply specialty components to the automotive industry, particularly the rapidly emerging electric powered vehicle segment. We also have plastic molding and ferrite pressing capabilities, together with a variety of encapsulation and potting options to satisfy a wide range of requirements.

GBI can assemble magnetics around standard core shapes and materials along with standard bobbins and headers. Additionally, we can provide unique solutions for your application using custom bobbins, windings and core material.

Whatever your magnetic component requirements happen to be, chances are that GB International can meet your needs quickly, and do so at a very competitive price. We look forward to and welcome inquiries, so please feel free to contact GBI at any time for additional information, sample requests, or for quotes on our standard products, custom products, or rapid prototyping services. Unique challenges are our forte. GBI is ready to help you turn your "mission impossible" project into "mission accomplished". Let us know what GB International can do for you!

GBI Facility, Huizhou China

• GBI Offshore Manufacturing
• Cost effective, High Quality, High Volume
• Flexible & Skilled Production Workforce
• Dedicated & Motivated Staff of 1,000
• AEC & IATF Approved
• 9 UL Listed Insulation Systems (EI37825)
• RoHS Initiative Compliant
GBI Facility, Endicott NY, USA

• GBI Headquarters
• Quality USA Engineering & Design Center
• Rapid Prototypes, USA Manufacturing
• Professional Staff Of 50
• AEC & IATF Approved
• 9 UL Listed Insulation Systems (EI37825)
• RoHS Initiative Compliant