Statement of Human Rights
GB International holds itself to human rights standards as detailed in SA 8000 as well as in the United Nations Universal expectation of Human Rights. GBI Has met General Electric’s supplier required Guidelines in regards the health and safety of all its employees. The expectation is that by partnering with GBI your company will hold itself to the same level of accountability, in regards to the treatment of employees.

Below is a brief statement in regards to our position on human rights: While not comprehensive it provides an overview of our stance on human dignity.

GBI recognizes that all people are born equal, and are entitled to certain human rights. GBI does not discriminate based on race, religion, economic standing, gender or sexual orientation.

GBI Strives to create a safe and healthy workplace for all employees. We take great pride in our low accident history, and see workplace safety as a key metric to our success.

GBI follows all international guidelines in regards to the age of our workers.

All GBI employees have the rights to freedom of thought and expression.

GBI Strives to maintain the security of all of its facilities. It is our belief that every employee has the right to work in a safe non-threatening environment.

More details are available to our workers in regards to their employee rights and our standards. These details are available both through HR department, critical policies are made plainly visible in the work place.

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